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“With meticulous reporting and clear-eyed analysis, Martin Lukacs has written a must-read that brilliantly maps the inner logic of the Trudeau years. He decodes how a progressive veneer is bound to an elite agenda, and in the process shows how Canada’s establishment operates when they think no one is watching.”

- Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything and The Shock Doctrine

“One of Canada’s most important independent journalists and a staunch voice for social and environmental justice.”

- Maude Barlow, Honourary Chairperson of the Council of Canadians

“This rigorously researched book provides insights for all who wonder what happens between political grandstanding and meaningful action. It exposes how the illusions of change and impressions of leadership offered by Justin Trudeau have in fact protected vested interests. Martin Lukacs is a journalist I depend on to inform me about what is really going on.”

- David Suzuki, scientist and broadcaster

“People should read it. It's a helluva book.”

- Paul Wells, Macleans

“Reads at times like a...political thriller. Lukacs is the anonymous fly-on-the-wall of political conventions, arms trade shows, and fundraising dinners, always happening to engage in an exchange that will reveal whose interests are really being served. A thoroughly researched work of investigative journalism.”

- Montreal Review of Books

“A splendid critical study of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. It is valuable in part because Lukacs respects the people he’s writing about even if he disagrees with them. What gives it an original and theoretical edge is that it places Trudeau in the context of the history of the Liberal Party, a curious, uniquely successful formation straddling the political spectrum, absorbing progressive energies and co-opting elements of the left’s agenda while meeting the demands of capital.”

- Jeet Heer, The Nation national affairs correspondent

"To move forward in Canada, I've long said we need a "Colonialism For Dummies" book on the shelves of major bookstores. Turns out buying into that franchise is nearly impossible, but Martin Lukacs has written this timely and accessible book instead."

- Ryan McMahon, Anishinaabe comedian, writer, and media maker

"Martin Lukacs's incisive examination of the machinations behind the Trudeau Brand is a invaluable tool—for those looking for the real story about this country missing from the corporate media, and for the social movements that are our best hope for the future. Read this book and take action for the land, the people and the planet."

- Judy Rebick, author of Heroes in My Head and activist

“All political reporting in Canada should read like Martin Lukacs’ new book. with detail...pulls back the curtain on the real story. A must-read analysis on the rise of Justin Trudeau.”

- Nora Loreto, National Observer

"A thorough analysis of the party trying to retain power, it offers a compelling account of how Justin Trudeau has adopted his party’s longtime playbook of running to the left and governing to the right, while treating voters with a new and appalling level of cynicism.”

- Regina Leader-Post

"Takes Justin Trudeau to task.”

- Winnipeg Free Press

“A brilliant demolition of Liberal claims to embody and be practicing a genuinely progressive politics. It demonstrates that corporate and elite interests have held the Trudeau government in thrall on many fronts. A must read."

- Andrew Jackson, CLC economist

"The Trudeau Formula lifts the lid on Canada's financial and colonial structures, and delivers some thrilling and vivid dispatches from the social movements that do the heavy lifting to expose the Liberals' corporate agenda. It furnishes the contents of the titular formula, but it also drafts a shopping list for the liveable, dignified future we all want. It's a unique and genuinely original contribution to our understanding of this land and possibilities for its future."

– Dru Oja Jay, co-author of Paved with Good Intentions and organizer.

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